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Automatic Battery Switch and Isolator in one unit!

Only $69.00 for dual battery
$99.00 for dual battery with meter (for instrument panel)
$129.00 for three battery

$159.00 for four battery

The ultimate battery saver! Automatically disconnects when your battery gets too low. It can also automatically switch to another battery if desired. It can save your alternator from straining to charge 2, 3, or 4 batteries at once. It will determine which one is charged and switch to the next battery until all are fully charged. This will add longevity to your alternator, engine, and save on fuel usage. Unlike most battery switches, you will not need to hook it up to the main battery cable. The only component which uses high amperage is the starter. It's all the other components which drain your battery. Although capable of 80 amps, the Auto Saver won't be maxing out your alternator or putting strain on the engine because it will be charging one or two batteries at a time until they are fully charged. Then it will switch to the other battery until the first battery drops below 11.6 volts and then it will switch back. This is a must for anyone who has a camper, boat, or truck with 2 or more batteries.

Also available is an Automatic Battery Switch for marine and solar applications.

This unit switches over to another battery once the first battery gets below 11.6 volts. Available for 2, 3, and 4 batteries.


Solutions for Marine and other motorized vehicles.

Re-power your sailboat, pontoon boat or small water craft at an affordable price.
We use the newest technology which offers more power from a smaller motor and less battery power.

Some installations offer 40-60 hours of cruise time on a single charge. Most will run on solar and are capable of running throughout the night. Super quiet with no worry of finding a place to fuel up.

Some installations as low as $1200 including parts.  
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